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About our great journey of the past and the future!

At Feelthetoys, we work hard to deliver the products that are a true wish of our customers. Feelthetoys, as a global high-end sex brand, aims to provide a budget-friendly sexual lifestyle for customers all over the world. A few years ago, the Feelthetoys foundation team realised that sex toys were very popular among young people, but the quality of the products that were sold was very uneven and the appearance was quite vulgar. Take the case of lubricants, where the use of old unqualified silica gel could cause serious health issues to people, and many female users had to suffer due to lack of alternatives. Based on the customer’s requests for safer sex products, the Feelthetoys was established in India. The Feelthetoys brand quickly turned to a popular high-end brand internationally in the sex toys industry

We keep your privacy intact!

The most important things for us is the privacy of our customers. We use the unmarked, unbranded boxes for making our product delivery. Our sex toy is available in various countries. We do not mention the name of sex toys on the box so that no one would know what’s inside your box. Feelthetoys will keep your identity safe at every step from buying, billing, packaging and making the delivery. After getting your order, we try to get your package at your doorstep as soon as possible. You will never feel regret purchasing sex products from Feelthetoys. We make sure that the delivery person does not know what is the product inside the box so that there is no chance for embarrassment for you.

The rich history of sex in India!

‘The Kamasutra‘ is known to be the oldest and the most read book based on knowledge of sex. It proves that the involvement of sex has always been an integral part of Indian culture, despite being a taboo. We need to dig deep to know the old Indian heritage and history. It’s important to note that Hindu gods and goddesses had liberal views towards sex. Sex is considered as a taboo in some remote parts of India. Also, it is considered a sacred act to be done in secrecy. With modern beliefs, most of the Indian people are getting indulged towards western culture, interests, and beliefs. This has enabled the sexual advancement of the people.

Perhaps the conversations between the couples are more open today and partners are opting to try different sexual positions to increase pleasure experience and keep sex between partners interesting. Totally new thinking and mindset are seen in new generation towards sex and relationships and partners want to explore more with the help of sex toys. Couples are ready to spice up their relationship with the use of affordable and unique sex toys. Everyone wants to dive deeper to explore themselves and find unique new ways to get maximum satisfaction. The change in attitude towards relationship and sex have been noticed in people of all genders.

Shop for sex toys online now!

Are you looking for the best sex toys? Do you not wish to pay a lot more for sex products? Feelthetoys doesn’t just make the sales of sex toys to multiple countries but also makes the process quick and discreet. We ensure that our products are quality purchase for everyone at any part of the world. We have a secure payment system with multiple options like debit cards, credit cards, mobile wallets, bank transfer, COD, net banking according to the place of purchase where our courier partners services are available. We will keep your privacy so you can rest assured about it. Our courier partners are all over the world waiting for you to place an order now. Get the best sex products delivered at your doorstep now!

Lubes & Lotions

There are different kinds of lubricants and lotions on our website like silicon lubes, oil-based lubricant, and water-Based lubricant. Anyone can choose the lube by looking at their skin type, and requirements. If a male has a fantasy of rough anal sex with his partner, then he can use our high-quality water-based lubricants to have less friction while inserting the penis into her butthole. If you have a dry vagina it could be really painful to have sex, then you can use our good quality water-soluble lubricant to nourish the genital area and make the whole intimate experience feel extensively pleasurable. If you use a silicone-based lubricant, never use them with the silicon-based Sex toys as it can damage your toy. Similarly, don’t use an oil-based lubricant with a Latex condom as it will definitely break down your condom. Anal is a very sensitive body part of the human body. By using Sex Toys one can reduce the chances of getting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and stop the undesired possibility of getting pregnant to a great extent. There are different categories of anal toys like anal vibrators, Butt plugs, Anal Dildos and many more. Some sex toys come with strap On them and it is widely used by Lesbians all over the world.

Get body-safe sex toys now!

Almost all of the good quality budget-friendly sex toys that are sold nowadays are made up of body-safe material to assure the safety of customers. If you want long-lasting sex with your partner and feel more comfortable while having physical intercourse, it is recommended that you try an Oil-based lubricant and then apply a Water-based lubricant on the top, as it will help create an extraordinary feeling of double glide effect. Special precaution should be involved before buying these infamous personal bedroom toys. Sex Toys provide you with a sexually pleasing experience without increasing the risk of spreading sexually transmitted disease like AIDS, HIV or Gonorrhea. Especially for people with highly sensitive skin having any allergic condition must take care and smartly choose the Sex Toy according to skin type to avoid irritation and check all the ingredients used in the product before purchasing it. It is very important to clean and wash these toys every single time before and after their usage as most of these products are porous in nature. So, to avoid it from any possible bacterial growth on the surface, clean it properly.

Get sex toys and enjoy with your partner!

There are several amazing sex toys available at http://www.feelthetoys.com that are used by couples together. We serve people of all over the world and can provide you delivery at your doorstep anywhere in the world. Sex Toys are made up of a different kind of skin-friendly material while making sure that it remains budget-friendly too. You can select the sex product that suits you the most. The Sex Toys used by Men and female include various lubricants, anal, licking, bondage, and other equipment. The lubricant is used to reduce friction significantly during the intercourse; it needs to be applied to the genital area before sex. When you are applying lubricant use the high-quality lubricants that are sold at our online store. Also, on top of everything, these products are generally cheaper to purchase, so everyone can easily buy it online from our adult toy site online.